I am a compositing artist with a great affinity for cinematography. I strongly appreciate Visual Effects as a medium to tell stories that otherwise would be impossible to visualize. Especially the fact that art and science are so close in the field of visual effects is what fascinates me most about being a compositing artist. I consider myself a technical as well as an artistic compositor in equal shares and am always eager to face new challenges. I am working as a compositing artist for commercials and feature film productions since 2011 and acquired a masters degree in Visual Effects at the Savannah College of Art and Design. During my studies at SCAD I focused on augmenting my compositing skills by learning Python and writing tools and gizmos for nuke in order to improve common compositing workflows.

Apart from working I love watching movies or spending time with my friends and am especially interested in astronomy, history and hiking as well as computer games and virtual reality.


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