This node is a simplified version of nukes shuffle node. The integer slider is dynamic and will always show the number of available layers. The selected layer will always be shuffled into rgba.

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Simple Matchgrade gizmo that allows you to pick a target and a source color. The gizmo will simply apply a color correction to the source color and change its rgb values into the target color. Especially helpful when trying to match the color of a patch. You'll also have access to the standard features of a grade node like mask input or mix.

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CocoCurveGen provides a simple interface for creating different curves like sine- or random curves in nuke using expressions. The great advantage of this gizmo is that you can see the curves in your curve editor and modify their properties (e.g. wavelength, offset) using sliders instead of having to type values into an expression. You can use the resulting curve for all kinds of things. Connect CocoCurveGens output value for example to a grade node for a flickering light effect or transform node to create a camera shake.

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